November 8

Do You Have to Repair Your Home Before Selling It?


Statistics showed that in 2021, a move-in ready home sold for 25% more than a fixer-upper home. Showing how much more desirable updated homes are to buyers. If you are trying to sell your home, the obvious choice would be to fix it up first. Though you may not be in a financial situation to do that. To repair your home, you are looking at a huge expense.

Especially if you need to tackle some larger projects before selling. But you may not need to do any repairs to sell your home. Keep reading to find out what repairs aren’t and are necessary for your home.

What to Repair Before Selling Your House

If you need to sell your home, you should first look at what needs to be repaired. Most well-kept homes won’t have too much that needs repairing.

But this will depend on your home and your situation. Some homes are going to need more updating before they will be appealing to buyers.

The good thing is that not all repairs are necessary, you can get away with doing a few repair jobs. So that you can sell your property without spending too much.


The main appliances in the home should be fixed or updated as needed. This is especially important for the kitchen area where the largest appliances are.

Appliances should be functional and in good condition. If necessary, you should have them repaired or replaced, as these are things buyers look for.

The faucets should be functional, and there mustn’t be any plumbing issues.


Bathrooms do not need to be fully renovated, but they should be functional and up-to-date. Faucets should work correctly, and any plumbing issues need fixing.

The bathtub and shower should be in good condition with no obvious damage. Any water damage should be repaired to make the home more desirable.

Pipes and Electrical

Your water heater and all of the pipes should be functional. Any leaks or other issues need repairing before you start selling your home.

No new is going to want to buy real estate with bad plumbing, so this is vital. You should also have any outdated electrical wiring updated.

All of the plumbing and electrical sources need inspecting, and any necessary repairs being executed. Especially if they are severe and could potentially be a risk to the house.

Roof Damage

You must repair roof damage if you want to sell your home. Very few people would be willing to buy a home that needs this done.

You should have the roof inspected and any repairs are taken care of quickly. This may be very mild, or the repairs may be more extensive depending on the situation.

Obvious Damage

Any obvious damage needs repairing before you go to sell your property. This could include internal or exterior damage that is noticeable and potentially hazardous.

If a porch step is broken, repair it so that it looks nicer and the house is more put together. If a window is broken, get it replaced before going forward with selling your home.

Desirable Home Repairs

When you repair your home to sell it, there are things that need fixing. Aside from those kinds of repairs, there are also desirable repairs that make the selling process smoother.

These kinds of additional repairs make your home more tempting to buyers. As it will be more up-to-date with fewer things that they have to fix later on.

Exterior Paint

If you are going to sell your home, a fresh coat of paint can be a great thing. This will liven up the house and make it look more appealing to potential buyers.

It isn’t necessary, but it does help quite a lot. It can also increase the overall value of your home. Helping you to get that invested money back once it has sold.

Updated HVAC System

Many buyers look at the HVAC and AC systems in a house. While many houses have out-of-date systems that are on their last leg.

Updating and replacing your home’s HVAC and AC system is a great repair to make. It is costly, but it will raise the value of your home when selling it.

New Cabinets

Replacing the cabinets in your home is a repair that really updates the space. It gives it a fresh and clean look and can help to supply more storage.

This is an area where many people make repairs and updates to increase their home’s value. Especially if your cabinets are out of date or look worn or damaged.

New Flooring

New flooring is entirely optional, but it can be a good repair to take on. Maybe your carpet is worn out or out of date looking.

Replacing it with fresh carpet are hardwood floors that will be a great renovation. It will appeal to more buyers and add value to your home that it otherwise didn’t have.


The front and back yards of most houses could benefit from some maintenance. You could make repairs to porches, fencing, and other areas in need of attention.

This can clean up the entire property and give it curb appeal to potential buyers. Especially if your home is situated on a lot of property.

How to Repair Your Home Before Selling

If you need to sell your home, you may be worried about home repairs. The good news is that you do not need to repair your home extensively, a few simple repairs will do.

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