We Buy Land Fast and Hassle Free

Do You Have Land You Wish To Sell?

  • Selling land can be difficult and time consuming
  • It can also be expensive just preparing the land for sale
  • There are no guarantees if the land will sell, how long it will take, and how much you might sell for

We at Wiregrass Home Buyers buy and sell land throughout the Wiregrass of Alabama area and we look forward to helping you with the sale of your land!

There Is An Easier Way To Sell Your Land. One With No Risks And Total Certainty.

Wiregrass Home Buyers has been successful in helping many land owners throughout southern Alabama, such as yourself, who have wanted to turn their land into cash quickly. Whether they wanted to relocate, inherited the land, or are experiencing a financial hardship, Wiregrass Home Buyers has been able to get them cash fast.

Land values have increased Significantly! There is only so much land on the planet and Alabama Wiregrass area land values have been increasing rapidly in recent years due to various factors such as its limited availability, rapid job growth, and lower interest rates. Your land may be worth more than you think.

Determining the value of a piece of land can be very difficult without help. Wiregrass Home Buyers can help evaluate your land value even if there are floodplains, heritage trees, multiple heirs, or other challenges involved.

Wiregrass Home Buyers Offer Multiple Solutions For Selling Your Land!

Wiregrass Home Buyers understands that a simple cash offer is not always the best solution for selling your land. We certainly can make you a cash offer, but can also provide more creative offers that can increase your profitability on the sale. You may be able to partner with us to share in profits from future development of your land, or you may be able to live on part of the land while cashing out on the remaining land.

The bottom line is that you have options.

Why be locked into a single solution that doesn't result in solving your personal goals with the sale of your land?

Getting Started Is Fast And Easy. There Are No Costs And No Obligations.

You will not pay any commissions, closing costs, administrative fees, legal fees, or any other fees. There are also no obligations to receive multiple offers from Wiregrass Home Buyers. You will not be asked to sign anything until you are 100% happy with an offer and are ready to proceed with the sale of your land.

Here Is How Our Simple 3-Step Process Works:

Step 1 "Complete A Simple Form"

A short online form gets your no-obligation process started.

We discuss your goals

Step 2 "Get Multiple Offers In 24 Hours"

After the initial call, we will put together multiple offers within just 24 hours! Your offers are based on market conditions, recent transactions, and your properties as-is condition.

Step 3 "Close Quickly & Easily"

Close on the date of your choice, once cleared to close, (as little as 7 days) after you accept our written offer on your property! We will work with you to complete all required paperwork and wire funds to finalize the purchase.

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Matt (and Crystal) Morgan

Lisa and Sean bought our house from us.

The whole process was smooth.

Sandra Martinez


They were very open and honest with us and were willing to help us out every step of the way.

Heidi Carter

I recommend them 100%.

Lisa and Sean made the whole process easy and seamless.

Jane Cleveland Windom

I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa and Sean

Lisa and Sean answered all my questions and were very courteous. They did not push me in any way.

James & Joan Du

We went with Lisa and Sean because they were professional, caring and had integrity.

No other businesses made us feel as at-ease and gave us piece of mind.

Get started on Getting Multiple Offers now!

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