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How To Prepare Your Home for Sale in the Alabama Wiregrass area


Around 603,000 homeowners sold their houses in September 2022. Some homeowners find buyers instantly when selling, but others struggle to find people to buy their properties. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t have time to wait for a buyer to make an offer. Instead, they need to sell right away. If you can relate, you might wonder how to prepare your home for a quick sale.

You can do plenty of things to prepare your home for sale, but you probably can’t do everything in one day. Instead, it takes time.

Here is a guide with some essential tips to help you know the best things to do to prepare your house for sale.

Rent a Storage Unit

First, you should consider renting a storage unit before preparing your house for sale. You can search for one in the Alabama Wiregrass area, and choose the size you need.

So why do you need a storage unit when preparing a home for sale? The primary reason is to have a place to store things while preparing and selling your home.

Now, this step is one you might not need to complete. However, most homeowners benefit by having somewhere to store some things during their home sale.

You’ll understand why you need this as you take the next steps.

Declutter and Rearrange

The steps you need to prepare your house might differ from the steps other homeowners need. But most homeowners need to do two major things: declutter and rearrange.

Decluttering a home is a process that might take some time. The best way to do this is to work room by room. As you work through a room, your goal is to remove unnecessary items.

A cluttered house looks bad and distracts potential buyers. As a result, you must remove all the clutter you have; this is where the storage unit becomes important.

You can move extra items to your storage unit to get them out of sight. Doing this means you won’t have to pile your things in your basement, garage, or closets.

Instead, you can clean the entire house, making it look more appealing to everyone that views it.

When you complete the decluttering process, you can rearrange your furniture and remaining possessions. Again, the goal is to make the rooms look as spacious and pleasing as possible.


It’s also helpful to depersonalize a home before selling it. Depersonalizing is a big word but has a simple meaning. It means to remove personal items, which are items that connect your family to the home.

So you’ll want to remove family photos and unique items most people wouldn’t like or appreciate. This step helps people develop a connection to the home when viewing it.

Clean, Clean, Clean

When you’re done decluttering and rearranging, you can move on to the cleaning steps. Cleaning your house is necessary before listing and showing the home.

Cleaning makes a house look newer and well-cared-for. Additionally, it makes a house smell fresh. It’s also less distracting.

Buyers who visit messy or cluttered homes feel distracted by these things. A dirty home can gross people out, even if the house itself is nice.

If you can’t clean the home yourself, hire a professional cleaning company. They can clean every inch of your home, leaving it presentable for buyers who view it.

Prepare Your Home by Fixing Things

Next, you can move on to fixing things. When you look around your house, do you see things that aren’t working properly?

For example, do you have a leaky faucet? Do you have problems with your flooring, walls, or windows? You can sell your home faster and easier if you fix these things first.

When buyers view Alabama homes, they look closely at the flaws and issues. After all, they’ll either have to ask you to fix the items or fix the problems themselves.

As a result, most buyers choose homes without visible problems. However, if you want to sell quickly, you must fix all the visible issues.

Update Outdated Rooms

Another thing that distracts buyers is outdated rooms. Most buyers don’t want to spend money and time renovating a house after moving into it. Instead, they want to buy a finished home.

Does your house have outdated rooms? The two main rooms to consider are the kitchen and bathroom. Home buyers spend a lot of time evaluating these rooms when shopping for homes.

So selling your home will be easier if you update these rooms before listing it. Unfortunately, updating an outdated kitchen or bathroom costs thousands of dollars, and you might not want to invest this much into it.

If you don’t want to update these rooms, you could try selling the house as-is. Just remember that you’ll find fewer buyers that want as-is homes, so it might take longer to sell it.


You can also prepare your home for sale by painting it. Painting a home is one of the most cost-effective steps, yet it offers significant results.

A fresh coat of paint in every room makes a house look cleaner and newer. Fresh paint also smells good.

You can ask a professional to help you choose paint colors. Most likely, they’ll suggest using neutral colors, such as white, tan, or gray.

Avoid These Steps and Sell for Cash

You can prepare your home for sale by following these steps. However, there is no guarantee you’ll find a buyer. However, completing these steps requires money and time, and you might not have either.

There is a great alternative. Instead of preparing your home through these steps, you could sell your house for cash.

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